If you enjoy training and playing with your dog and want to learn more by working with others who share the same interest, the Obedience Club of Asheville may be for you!

We believe that a well-behaved dog is a major part of responsible dog ownership, and we work to encourage that idea in the Asheville community through our classes.

OCA membership offers the chance to train your dog to a higher level of obedience while working with other dedicated, knowledgeable fellow members in Club classes.

We require our active members to assist in the public training classes. Some active members excel at instructing, others prefer to help in other ways, but everyone in the club makes a contribution.

Sometimes OCA membership is the first step on the path toward competitive obedience handling in the ring. Competing in the ring with your dog in obedience is a sport. It is a sport where you are competing against yourself, where you and your dog as a team are constantly striving for improvement. As with any competitive sport it can be scary, challenging, and extremely rewarding.

To become an OCA member you are required to take at least one training class and attend two of the club business meetings. This process lets you meet club members and, in turn, lets them get to know you.

You can request a membership application after the second business meeting. Your completed application will be reviewed and voted upon by secret ballot at the following business meeting.

There are two levels of membership:

Active Member: Active members a those who will actively support the club by volunteering as needed to help do the work of the club. Active Members are eligible to participate in members-only training opportunities.

Associate Members: Associate membership is for those who believe in the mission of the club, but are unable to actively participate in the running of the club. Associate members are included in all social aspects of the club and receive class training at a reduced rate.